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Free Plan From Thomas Moser

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The updated and revised version of Thomas Moser’s classic “How to Build Shaker Furniture” is now available for pre-order. You may be asking, “What’s updated and revised?” We thought we’d offer a peek, and also let the author himself tell you what’s changed — in the world, and in the book. Click on the link below to download a PDF of the new introduction to the book, as well as the plan for the Deacon’s Bench, shown here, from the new version of the this once and future classic.

Moser Preview

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  • BrianMcM

    Hi, David.

    I hope the book has not been printed yet because the spelling of the introductory comments section is ‘Foreword’ rather than ‘Foreward’. Hopefully you still have time to correct this. If you use editorial staff who work from home please let me know as I have 30 years of experience as an editor and proofreader, am American, love woodworking and not too long ago got made redundant!


    Sydney, Australia

  • tsstahl

    From the forward:

    “Shaker object which sells at a strong piece”

    Is it supposed to be ‘sells at a strong price’?

    Or maybe ‘sells as a strong piece’?

    Or am I maybe ignorant of a term of art?


    The small picture of the bench did not inspire me at all. I figured it was a collection of sticks on a plank.

    Then I looked at the plan in detail. The shape of the bench seat looks very challenging with either hand or power tools. Also, the ten degree backward rake of the back support really opens the whole seat surface to reflect light.

    I figure that bench seat needs to be nearly flawless along the entire length of the profile and the grain of the chosen wood should really pop. I don’t have the confidence to try this any time soon. Maybe I’ll shoot for the matching ‘love seat’ as a training wheels project.

    • gregmead

      Maybe I’m stupid, but how do you actually download this plan? I’ve clicked just about everywhere, and all of the links just bring me back to this same page.

      • Steve Shanesy
        Steve Shanesy

        The download link is in blue text at the end of the blog text and is called “Moser Preview”. I just tested the link and the pdf downloaded fine. If you have more trouble let me know and I can send you the pdf via email.

    • Steve Shanesy
      Steve Shanesy

      “Sticks on a plank” seems a bit harsh to me, but I am a fan or Nakashima design and those would be even more extreme example.

      About the seat degree of difficulty . . . . I built this bench (using the same plan) nearly 30 years ago. I thought it was challenging when I first began thinking about how to make the shape of the seat. Here was my solution; an approach I had observed on a visit to the Sam Maloof shop.

      Start by looking at the seat profile in the drawing. Now imagine the seat is made up of four planks. Lay out the seat profile in full scale. Indicate where the four planks will be glued up. Determine the angle of the top surface of each board. Before gluing up, use the table saw, bandsaw or a plane if you want, to rip the angle cut. Now glue up the boards to give you the roughed out profile of the seat. To blend the angled cuts and smooth the seat, use an angle grinder starting with very course grit paper. That’s how a Maloof chair seat was made, and it worked for me on my bench.


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