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Float Through Your Routing Tasks

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If you've ever played a game of air hockey, you'll appreciate how a router might feel floating on a cushion of air. The Betterley Air-Glide Router Base mounts onto most routers in minutes. Even big 3-hp routers glide with ease. Surface scratches are now a thing of the past. With the cutter alone providing resistance, the job of controlling the router is made easier with the Air-Glide.
We tried the base on edge cuts (above) to see how the base performed when over half the air jet holes are hanging in thin air. There's still plenty of lift and the router slid with ease. Additional subbases are available with different bit hole diameters including one sized for Porter-Cable template guides. There's even a square subbase with an offset hole that gives you three dimensional steps, 1/8-in., 1/16-in.  and 1/32-in. from different edges. This allows you to make your initial cut followed by a slight clean-up pass simply by rotating the router. Note: At a minimum, you need a  5CFM @90 psi compressor for the Air-Glide to keep  your router afloat.

Betterley Industries, Inc., www.betterleytools.com, (800) 871-7516, Air-Glide Router Base, $150;  Round Sub-Base, $29; Square Sub-Base, $49.


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