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Grizzly's G0604 jointer includes great features usually found on more expensive machines. At 56 in., its bed is about 10 in. longer than those on standard 6-in. jointers. As you know, every extra inch is helpful for jointing straight edges on long stock. The G0604's four-knife cutterhead spreads out the workload more than a typical three-knife cutterhead, so you can go longer between knife changes. My tired back appreciates the easy-to-reach on/off switch. I also like the extra large off paddle. A mobile base is built in, saving you the cost of adding one later.The infeed and outfeed tables operate on a parallel-ogram system, instead of sliding on dovetailed ways. It's easier to tweak the tables into alignment on parallelogram-bed jointers if needed, because shimming isn't necessary.

Grizzly Industrial, (800) 523-4777, www.grizzly.com 
G0604 6-in. jointer, $525.




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