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Expandable Parts Rack

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Expandable Parts Rack 


When I worked on a big project, every surface in my shop used to get covered with stacks of parts. While visiting a small production shop, I saw an expanding metal rack in the finish room, loaded with kitchen cabinet doors. 


A light bulb went on in my head and this wooden version now graces my shop. It’s just over 1 ft. wide when closed and expands to just under 7 ft. Wing nuts make it easy to lock in any position. I’ve used my rack to hold everything from 12-in.-long shelves to 12-ft.-long baseboard moldings.I built my rack of poplar for strength, but straight 2x4s would also work. 


I used hardwood dowels as support arms and paid $8 apiece for good-quality office-chair-style swivel casters. My total cost, including 48 support arms,  was about $100.














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