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Economical Air-Hose Reel

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I use air tools for sanding, nailing and finishing. I usually work in my garage, but when the weather is nice, I often grab my sawhorses and move outdoors. I have a 100-ft. air hose, so I can work a long way from my compressor.  


However, this long hose used to drive me crazy, because it was always tangled and difficult to coil. 


Then I found an old garden-hose reel at a garage sale for only $10. I fastened one end of my air hose to the edge of the reel and easily wound up all 100 ft. 


Now I just unwind as much hose as I need and then connect the tied-on end to a short hose that runs to my compressor. When I’m done, I disconnect the short hose and wind the long hose back on the reel. It works great!






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