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Drawer-Slide Outfeed Table

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In my garage shop, large tools have to be mobile and storable, so I attached this collapsing outfeed support to my saw. It slides on 100-lb. full-extension drawer slides. Extended, the roller sits 36 in. behind the blade, so I can rip boards as long as 6 ft. I can clamp the arms in any position to support shorter boards. Closed, the roller rests 16 in. behind the blade, so it doesn't interfere with the blade guard assembly or with the miter gauge bar during crosscuts.

The support is built like an inside-out drawer. First I bolted support arms onto the saw's cabinet. I had to extend the left arm to allow tilting the motor. Then I installed the drawer slides and the extension arms. On my saw, 20-in. slides were the longest that would fit. I fastened the extension arms securely with a wide board to minimize racking. I mounted the roller on top, centered behind the blade. To position everything correctly during construction, I clamped the roller flush with the saw table.


HTC Products Inc., (800) 624-2027
22-in. roller with bracket, #HU-22, $19.

Woodworker's Hardware, (800) 383-0130
100-lb. full-extension 20-in. drawer slides, #KV8414 B20, $14 a set.


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