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Double-Duty File Cabinet

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I don't have enough room for a permanent outfeed table for my saw. Instead, I mobilized my file cabinet (it's great for storing saw blades, sandpaper, etc.) and added a melamine “flight deck” so it could serve double duty. It's even got a pop-up extension to reach over the saw's motor. Now I can safely rip boards up to 8-ft.-long.


First, I made a dolly for the cabinet. To make the base, I cut a piece of 3/4-in.-thick plywood 1-1/2-in. longer and wider than the cabinet. After installing the locking swivel casters, I captured the cabinet with 3/4-in.-wide edging.


I built the flight deck by screwing the melamine top to a pair of skirts. Cleats and screws fasten the deck to the file cabinet. The extension mounts on sturdy folding shelf brackets that are super easy to install and use.



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