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Designing Furniture From Scratch In SketchUp–Part 9

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Completed Cherry Bedside Table ModelThis is the last installment of Designing Furniture From Scratch In SketchUp. Last week we added the drawer dust panels, the bottom and the bottom supports. This week we will model the drawers and put them in place which will complete the Cherry Bedside Table model. Over the next week I will dimension the model and do some clean up. In next weeks post I will review my methodology for dimensioning and shop drawing creation. This is a methodology I use in all my models and not specific to the Cherry Bedside Table. At the end of next week’s post you will have complete shop drawings ready to go into the shop and start cutting wood.

As promised, each week I will supply you with the SketchUp model completed to the point of each part in the series. So today you can download the Part 9 model by clicking on this hyperlink. But first sit back and enjoy the video that will bring you to this model.

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