Cherry Chest Plans To Match The Cherry Bedside Table

Cherry Chest Plans To Match The Cherry Bedside Table

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Chest Plans

A reader of this blog requested plans for the Cherry Chest that matches the Cherry Bedside Table. The Cherry Bedside Table was the topic of a nine part series I posted here called Designing Furniture From Scratch In SketchUp.

Thanks to him I am posting the SketchUp Model and the PDF shop drawings here today.

Cherry Chest SketchUp Model

Cherry Chest PDF Shop Drawings

A few years ago I built a Cherry Bed. The design was not mine, but adapted from an article in Workbench Magazine, Heirloom Bed, March/April 2001, page 52. Shortly after I designed a Cherry Chest to match the Cherry Bed. The design is mine but modeled after the bed. Again I built two of them for my bedroom.

The Cherry Bedside Table I referred to earlier is now under construction and will also end up in my bedroom to match the bed and chest. Perhaps I will post plans for the bed next week to complete the set.

Feel free to use this model and plans to build this piece for personal use. However, if you wish to build it for commission please contact me at and request permission. Have fun!

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