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BOSCH Digital Multi-Detector

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The new Bosch Model DMD4K Multi-Detector has capabilities that go way beyond the average stud finder. Flip a switch and this versatile tool will detect embedded metal in a slab of wood (before your saw does) or pin-point live wires and plumbing buried in a wall. The Multi-Detector features an illuminated ring that changes from green to red to indicate detection. A hole in the ring allows you to mark the exact spot. A push-button “Zoom” function increases sensitivity to find small nails, locate the exact center of a stud, or distinguish between close objects, such as side-by-side studs. The Multi- Detector can find ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood or metal studs, and live wires.
Other features include:
•    Metal detection up to 4-in.-deep, even in concrete.
•    On-board pencil storage accepts standard pencils.
•    Audible detection signal easily switches on and off.
•    Ergonomic soft-grip for sure grip and comfort.
•    Autocalibration in metal mode allows you to start scanning at any location.

Bosch,, Bosch Model DMD4K Multi-Detector, $100, Includes: Carry case with belt loop, 9V battery, 2 marking pencils



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