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Black-Max Sanding Discs Last and Last

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If you like getting bang for your buck, or just hate changing sanding discs, check out Woodworker's Supply's new Black-Max 5-in.-dia. ceramic sanding discs. They cost about a buck apiece—almost three times more than a conventional aluminum-oxide disc—but they last up to five times longer, according to the manufacturer. So you could save fifty cents every time you spend a buck on a Black-Max disc. And you'll save time by not stopping nearly as often to change discs. Why the long service life? Ceramic abrasive grains stay sharp longer than aluminum oxide. They also stay cooler, so sanding doesn't generate enough heat to clog the disc with sap. In addition, Black-Mac discs have an anti-static coating, so they don't clog with wood dust. Their flexible J-weight cloth backing is heavy enough to last as long as the ceramic grit. Black-Max discs are available in 80, 100 and 120-grit sizes, with hook-and-loop or PSA backing. Solid, 5-hole and  8-hole versions are available.

Woodworker's Supply, (800) 645-9292, Black-Max Ceramic Sanding Discs, #148-503, 5” 5-hole PSA 120J, $10 per pkg of 10; #148-490, 5” 5-hole H&L 120J, $10.50 per pkg of 10. Other grit sizes and hole configurations are available.

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