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Big Jointer for Big Work

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If you're a woodworker who needs a machine large enough to face joint 12-in. material, the new Grizzly G0609 jointer, $1,695, could be just what you're looking for. With a 12 x 84-in. bed, this giant looks more like an aircraft carrier than a jointer. The G0609 has a four-knife cutterhead driven by a 3-hp (18-amp) 220-volt motor. Knife elevation is controlled by jackscrews. You can get a helical carbide-insert cutterhead instead of the four-knife head for an additional $795. The parallelogram tables are controlled by handwheels, which typically offer finer control than levers.  The fence, 5-1/2-in. tall and 46-3/4-in. long, tilts 45 degrees in both directions, with positive stops at 45, 90, and 135 degrees.  The machine comes with a 5-in. dust port.  Plan on having some friends over when this machine arrives, since it weighs a beefy 875 lbs.

Grizzly Industrial, (800) 523-4777, G0609 12-in. jointer, $1,695.



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