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Bessey K Body Clamp Extender

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The K Body Extender is the latest accessory designed for the original parallel jaw clamp. It's one of those great ideas that leave you wondering, “Why didn't anyone think of this before?” The Extender allows you to combine two clamps for large-scale glue-ups. The durable aluminum construction fits the unique rail profile of the K Body to form a precise, rigid link. The Extender has a base that contacts your workbench for added support. Clamps joined with the Extender perform like any parallel jaw clamp. They give you dead flat glue-ups with no twist or bow. You can use the Extender to join any two K Body clamps to create custom lengths with no loss of strength or clamp jaw parallelism.

Bessey Tools North America, (800) 828-1004, K Body Extender, #KBX20. $16.



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