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Self-Storing Glue Kit

Gluing up a project can turn ugly in a hurry if you don’t have all your
supplies on hand. I put together a kit that contains everything I need:
a small white-nylon paintbrush for spreading glue, a putty knife, a
wooden wedge and a cotton rag for removing glue squeeze-out, and a
gallon jug for water. A plastic or paper cup screwed to a small block of
wood serves as a glue container for dipping the brush. I stack additional
cups inside the screwed-down cup and toss them away aft er each use.

The gallon jug has a large cutout so it’s easy to dip the rag or toss
in the brush, wedge or putty knife before the glue on them hardens.
When I’m finished, I pour the water out of the jug and store all the
supplies inside.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker June/July 2012, issue #160.


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