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AW Extra 5/31/12 – Air Hose Rack

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Air Hose Rack

Air tools are great, but the air supply hose is hard to store conveniently. This rack solves this problem, and it’s cheap! All you need is some 1-1/4-in. PVC pipe, a 45-degree elbow, two 1-1/4-in. conduit straps, and a wooden disc. I made the rack so it stands 48-in. tall but you can make it any height that is convenient for you. A coiled air hose drops onto the upper pipe section and rests on the disc. The conduit straps hold the rack to the wall or a workbench. Connect the lower end of the hose to your air compressor and the upper end to an air-powered tool. Uncoil as much air hose as you need for a job, and when you’re finished working, disconnect the hose from your tool and drop the coiled hose back on the pipe. The whole thing pivots toward your work for use, and back for storage. A separate rack holds air tool accessories. Not counting the hose, the whole thing cost about $14 to build.

This story originally appeared in American Woodworker January 2004, issue #105.

January 2004, issue #105

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