A Surefire Way to Stop Laminate from Lifting When Being Cut

AW Extra 5/15/14 – Rip Fence for Plastic Laminate

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Rip Fence for Plastic Laminate

I used to work in a cabinet shop that churned out countertops by the truckload. We used this simple jig to keep plastic laminate from lifting during the cut or from slipping under the saw’s rip fence, since most fences rest slightly above the saw’s table.

The jig is a simple box that fits snugly over the saw’s fence and is clamped or screwed in place. A subfence and a piece of plastic laminate glued to the bottom of the box arm corral the piece of laminate that’s being cut. To set the fence when using the jig, simply add the 3/4-in. thickness of the box arm to the overall width.


This story originally appeared in American Woodworker July 2006, issue #122.

July 2006, issue #122

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