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All-weather Morris Chair Plan

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When it comes to slouchy comfort, there are few chairs that answer that call better than the Morris chair. But when it’s 70 degrees, the sun is shining and you just want to get out of the house, you need a special Morris chair. An all-weather Morris chair. Say no more! This is the newly-updated design as found in ‘Arts & Crafts Furniture Anyone Can Make‘. It’s built using basic 1x pine from the nearby home center. You only need a few basic tools and the whole thing screws together. Paint it, or build it using an alternative outside-appropriate wood (cedar), the decision is yours, but the plan is free! Enjoy the project, and enjoy the great outdoors!

Download the Free PDF plans for the All-weather Morris Chair

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  • arkhillbilly

    I had no problem downloading file. At quick glance, however, I don’t understand why a hinge of any sort is used to connect the back to the seat of the chair. Could you explain this. I am a novicw woodworker. Thank you.

    • tsstahl

      The chair reclines to several positions.

      See how the arms go way back? There are holes in the arms so you can move the back support bar to several positions.

      The hinge at the bottom of the back, joined to the seat, allows the reclining action.

    • ecmkno1

      You stated that you were a novice so how do you feel about the plans for this chair.Werethe plans clear and easy to follow.I have tried a few small projects & got lost quite a few times because the plans diagrams were a bit unclear,i hate that it just frustrates me.

  • Leandro

    Just started building a test unit made of MDF.
    So far easy enough for a self taught begginer.

  • mrchandler

    This article came at a good time for me. We were debating whether to make the original of this from ‘Arts and Crafts Furniture Projects’, or Adirondack Chair from Norm Abrams’ ‘Classics From….’. This revision helped me choose. This chair will fit our porch better. But one question; on page 199 you show a matching ottoman, but you have no plans for making it in the book. Do you have the plans for this ottoman anywhere?

  • GeeRoy

    I click on the link and nothing happens. I’ve tried various things including rebooting the system but nothing helps. Any suggestions?

    • tsstahl

      Your description covers a large gamut of potential problems.

      Try the right click thing I listed below.

      Another good place to start would be downloading and re-installing the Adobe reader. Re-installing usually resets the browser add-on configuration.

      Not much help, I know.

      • GeeRoy

        Worked like a charm. Much appreciated. Give yourself a pat on the back from me.

  • bllwdcrvr

    I am having trouble printing your downloadable plan..the picture of the chair is printed but not the text to the right..I feel i am only getting half the product..can anyone assist??

    • toby267

      Do you have the most recent version of adobe acrobat reader? I seem to be able to print out all the info.

    • tsstahl

      In Windows, Right-click > save link as to your machine. Then open in Adobe reader; I have v9 and it works fine. Don’t let it render in your browser window by simply clicking the link.

      Also, the document is supposed to print in landscape mode (short edge of paper to the left and right while reading). Do not force it back to portrait mode.


      On the plan itself, I really like the simplicity of the construction. You can stick with the basic plan, yet you can still “upskill” it by adding different joinery elements like dadoes.

      • bllwdcrvr

        I did all that and still I only get 1/2 of each page.. and I have the latest version of Adobe reader9..maybe its my printer program..its HP all-in-one-2050 that is not letting me print the full page..thanks for the assistance. bill

    • Ving

      I’ve had that problem and found that in the printer setup and size was set to 250%. Look for this setting and set for 100% and print a test page. You may need to adjust the % a little further.

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