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Woodworking Magazine Issue Four Digital Edition


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Articles in this issue include:

Back Cover: Wood Movement
by the magazine staff
Our special, back-page color poster is all about wood movement: Learn how to calculate wood shrinkage and expansion, and understand the types of lumber cuts and how they shrink, and the two most common wood movement disasters.

Choose the Right Plywood
by Robert W. Lang
Your frustration when buying and using plywood is well-founded. We test 11 samples from around the world, unveil their inconsistencies and offer solutions that work.

Choosing a 6″ Combination Square
by David Thiel
The combination square is one of the most important layout tools in your shop. We review the three best brands and find that two come up short.

Drawboring Resurrected
by Christopher Schwarz
Have modern glues and clamps rendered this ancient joinery technique obsolete? Absolutely not. This age-old method will help you achieve strong, gap-free joints that require little clamping. The secret is a simple tool that we show you how to make.

End Grain: The Question is the Answer
by Christopher Schwarz
When you ask yourself which path you should take in a project, you have unconsciously pointed out the correct choice.

by the magazine staff
Woodworking’s terminology can be overwhelming. Learn the terms from this issue.

by the magazine staff
Questions, comments and wisdom from readers, experts and our staff. This issue deals with truing rough stock by hand, sharpening a square bevel on chisels, another way to glue up panels, help with cutting mortises, and comments and questions about our Stickley magazine stand from our Spring 2005 issue.

On the Level: Blended Woodworking
by Steve Shanesy
“Blended woodworking” is a fine new term for something that’s been practiced by many woodworkers for years: combining the use of hand tools with power tools in the practice of woodworking. Strive to be a blended woodworker.

Two full pages containing 10 tricks and tips that will make your woodworking simpler and more accurate. Learn a better way to test assemblies for square; make your own hard wax and milk paint; prolong a jig’s life, sharpen scissors easily with your burnisher; improve an old router with a quick-cam lock; and when working, always keep your foot in contact with your bench or your machine.

Roubo’s 18th-century Workbench
by Christopher Schwarz
Many modern benches are more complex than necessary. We revive a 230-year-old design and discover that our ancestors had it right. Article includes many step photos, detailed illustrations, a cutting list, and tips on how to make your bench more versatile and building your bench at the perfect height.

The Mystery of Holdfasts
by Robert W. Lang
Real holdfasts grab your work faster than any clamp. The problem is that many modern versions are fragile or faulty. We investigate and recommend the best.

The Shop Box System
by Robert W. Lang
Based on clever ergonomic formulas, two simple boxes and a set of I-beams help you saw and assemble projects at the three most desirable heights. Article includes step photos, detailed illustrations and a cutting list.

Using a 6″ Combination Square
by David Thiel
Though considered a simple tool, a combination square has many surprising uses. Here we offer some of our favorites.

Workbench Finish Strategies
by Steve Shanesy
We explore finishing options (including no finish at all), for a multi-purpose bench that must resist glue.

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