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You’d think after 20 years of doing anything it would start to get a little stale. Tell that to Roy Underhill! We recently put together his 21st through 31st seasons in a kit and I’ve got to tell you, Roy’s still hitting on all cylinders. I don’t mean to come off sounding like a commercial, but I guess that’s where I am. It’s hard not to be excited.

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These seasons include visits with many of our favorite woodworkers including Don Weber, Steve Latta, Jeff Headley, Nora Hall, Mary May, Brian Boggs, Christopher Schwarz, David Calvo, Peter Follansbee and Megan Fitzpatrick as well as many of the great artisans at Colonial Williamsburg. And that’s just the names. Topics range from shop-related techniques, to getting back to basics to hand tools (of course!), as well as projects for the whimsical or practical – and as always, Roy entertains with a healthy dose of his signature humor.

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There’s so much entertainment and information in these shows that it’s hard not to sound like a fan boy. If you like Roy (or just love hand-tool woodworking), this is a great collection. Stale? Not on your life! Roy’s just hitting his stride.

— David Thiel

p.s. If you missed the first two decades of The Woodwright’s Shop, we can help with that as well.

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  • woddawg

    I used to watch those old episodes on PBS, but I guess we have entered a new era of commercialization. Sad. “Times have changed, now the poor get fat.” – Elton John in The Bitch is back.


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