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Oneida Dust-Free Router Hood

 In October 2017 #234, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

This respiration-protection attachment lives up to the claim of its name.

by Megan Fitzpatrick
page 14

While I appreciate the versatility and power of a handheld router, I often turn to other tools for its typical tasks, in large part because of the dust and noise a router creates. While it doesn’t mitigate the noise issue (of course), the new Oneida “Universal Dust-Free Router Hood” does indeed effectively divert virtually all router dust and chips to the vacuum. I was, in short, astounded by how well it works – and it costs only $30.

I tested the Router Hood on our trusty Bosch 2.3-horsepower MRC23EVSK router kit, using both the plunge and fixed bases, hooked up to a Bosch 14-gallon dust extractor.

The 7″-diameter two-part clear polycarbonate base plate has multiple mounting holes and patterns, allowing it to mate with the sub-base of most mid-size modern plunge and fixed-base routers – there’s a list of compatible routers at under “FAQs,” as well as a downloadable PDF of the screw-hole positions so you can print it out and figure out which holes will match your base, without simultaneously fussing around with the slippery parts. The Router Hood is not compatible with most trim routers, nor does it work in a router table.

Read the review in its entirety.

Blog: Our shop’s central dust collection is from Oneida; read a bit about it on our site.

From the October 2017 issue, #234

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