Category: October 2017 #234 | Popular Woodworking Magazine

‘Modern’ Gateleg Table

A contemporary-looking design that’s really from the 18th century. by Christopher Schwarz pages 28-33 If you’ve ever been dragged to Ikea by your spouse (few woodworkers go willingly – except to [...]

Table Saw MegaSled

Make accurate and safe crosscuts with ease – and set the stage for clever accessories. by James Hamilton pages 35-40 Most power-tool woodworkers have at least one table saw sled. And while a sled [...]

Roubo’s Parquetry Jigs

The 18th-century jigs of this French master belong in the contemporary shop. by Donald C. Williams pages 41-47 I’ve often heard that confession is good for the soul, so let me begin with one [...]

Young Makers’ Bookshelves

Some newer names in woodworking share the books that inspire them. by Rodney Wilson pages 48-54 I’m bookish. I’ve always been bookish. As a child I begged for stories until I could work through [...]

Mackintosh Tea Table

Art Nouveau meets Arts & Crafts in this oval-topped piece. by Michael Crow pages 55-60 Although he died in poverty, the Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s furniture now sells for [...]

Oneida Dust-Free Router Hood

This respiration-protection attachment lives up to the claim of its name. by Megan Fitzpatrick page 14 While I appreciate the versatility and power of a handheld router, I often turn to other [...]

Fine-Tuning Furniture Designs

Minor adjustments typically beat a hatchet job.  by George Walker pages 18-20 I knew a guy who didn’t shave or cut his hair for 12 months at a time. On day 365 he looked like the wild man from [...]

Why Spoons, Why Now?

Carving out a connection with tradition and with each other. by Peter Follansbee pages 22-24 In August 2016, I attended the 5th annual Spoonfest, the largest international gathering of spoon [...]

10 Finishing Tips & Tricks

Solutions for common situations, from softening edges to stripping. by Bob Flexner pages 66-68 Here are 10 tips and tricks you might use to both speed your finishing and get better results. I’ve [...]

I Am a Couch Builder – End Grain

The best measure of success comes in the doing. by Jonas Jensen page 72 I don’t know if I am alone in this matter, but I have to admit that quite often I consider myself a couch builder. Maybe [...]


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