October 2016 #227

The October issue features round, lidless Shaker boxes with a contrasting rim. Shaker expert John Wilson steps you through the process of making this classic, and almost forgotten, traditional form.

In “Soap: Making a Clean Finish,” Christopher Schwarz shows you a traditional Danish surface made from soap. Both safe and simple, this soap finish will give your next project a soft and subtle sheen!

Build an elegant, versatile tote suitable for hauling everything from hand tools to handicrafts. Striking joinery and bent lamination and make this project one to carry with pride.

If you like tuning up old handplanes, Jameel Abraham has your next challenge in “‘Old Arn.’” Learn about finding and restoring old woodworking machinery – just don’t get too addicted to this satisfying area of interest and neglect building!

Joshua Klein shows you how to paint with beer and sets a shellacked chest on fire as he teaches about grain painting, an ancient technique for high-class ornamentation on a peasant’s income.

In “Tool Test,” you’ll read about Wood Turners Wonders’s Super Nova magnetic lathe lamp, David Barron’s magnetic dovetail guide and the new 14” Bayonet Precision Carcase Saw from Bad Axe Toolworks.

Learn about using a story stick with Peter Follansbee in “Arts & Mysteries”; Bob Flexner teaches you how to deal with white water rings in “Flexner on Finishing”; in “Design Matters,” look at doors and the lessons they teach us with George Walker; Vic Tesolin talks about the advantages of woodworking as a hobby over a career in “End Grain”; and more!

Design Matters: If Doors Could Talk

Door construction contains lessons on proportion and visual weight.   by George Walker pgs. 20-22 The directions to Thuya Garden in Northeast Harbor, Maine, were on a scrap of yellow paper held tightly in one hand. I craned my neck out the car window, searching for the hidden lane. My wife, Barb,...

Arts & Mysteries: One Stick, All the Info

Measured drawings for some, story sticks for me (and others). by Peter Follansbee pgs. 58-61 I once had a job making a couple of wainscot chairs and chests for the National Park Service. After barely surviving the paperwork it took to get the job in the first place, I was then...

Flexner on Finishing: White Water Rings

Understanding causes and remedies of this typically shallow damage. by Bob Flexner pgs. 62-63 A friend sent me a web link to a video and short text recommending the use of mayonnaise to remove white water rings on tabletops thinking that I would scoff at this remedy. I didn’t. I’ve actually...

End Grain: “The Power of the Hobbyist”

Turning woodworking into a pastime helped me love it again. by Vic Tesolin pg. 64 There are two ways I hear the term “hobbyist” thrown around. The first is by “professional” woodworkers and, more times than not, it is in a disparaging tone: as if a hobbyist couldn’t possibly be as...