October 2015 #220

Popular Woodworking Magazine October 2015 Cover One glance at the cover of our October issue may make you want to sit down – specifically on the comfortable curves and clean lines of Jeff Miller’s slat-back chair. Jeff teaches you two techniques for bent laminations, shows you how he uses patterns to lay out the shapely legs, and shares his plans for a shop-made mortising jig that helps you perfect angled joinery. You’ll also learn a neat trick for leveling the legs when you’re all done – and you’ll have a great place to take a rest.

When it comes to drawers, many woodworkers obsess over dovetails but give the bottom little thought. Geremy Coy shares the history and how-to of “Drawer Slips” – a durable, elegant way to affix drawer bottoms that’s little-known on this side of the Atlantic. You’ll find out how to make and install three kinds of drawer slips, all with hand tools.

Our August issue featured the traveling chest’s build – now get a look at the embellished lid that’s the real treasure inside. In “Tool Chest as Art,” Jameel Abraham walks you through creating a sunburst inlay, along with “3D marquetry” that encompasses carved inlays, banding and more.

In “Make a ‘Raamtang,’” you’ll learn how to build an incredibly useful wedge-powered vise. Zachary Dillinger shows you how to use offcuts and scrap pieces to make it fast and cheap. (The name? Dutch for “window-pliers.”)

Combining a sleek design with simple plywood construction, Michael Crow’s “Mid-century Modern Bookcase” works as well as a room divider as it does against the wall.

George Walker profiles furniture designer and builder Dan Mosheim; in End Grain, read about a father’s legacy, and more.

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End Grain: A Father’s Legacy

The lessons learned didn’t stop at the shop door. by Joe DiPietro p. 64 Christmas, 1956. I was a little fella, and my seeing the Tonka Hi-Way series display in the W.T. Grant store months earlier had captured my entire attention. In my letter to Santa, I asked for the Tonka...