October 2014 #213

Popular Woodworking Magazine October 14 Cover Any bibliophile will immediately be drawn to the traveling bookcase built by Christopher Schwarz, which is the cover project this issue. The glass doors and striking brass pulls, corner brackets and corner guards make this an eye-catching project that’s fun to build and fully functional, too; Willard Anderson provides step-by-step instructions on how to restore a “woodie” bench plane. The article focuses on “user tools” that can be restored for use in your shop; in “Breadboard Ends,” Chuck Bender shares six cross-grain strategies that are sure to keep your tabletops, desk lids and wide-panels flat and straight; Gary Rogowski’s “Illusion Cabinet” is the perfect size for many uses around your home. Plus, it’s a contemporary design that demonstrates just how easy it is to work with proportions and ratios.

If you’re in need of sawhorses for work around your shop, “The Butterfly Horse” by Don Williams is just the ticket and discover the best glue for veneer work and for any project that requires an extended open time in ”A Must-have Woodworking Glue,” by Laurie McKichan who joins us from the pages of American Woodworker.

In this month’s Tool Test, we review the ‘Ready 2 Rout’ automated fence setup that brings CNC-like accuracy to your router table, the Benchcrafted Classic leg vise and Bosch’s newest dust extractor, the VAC140A; George Walker discusses how to freehand sketch a volute in Design Matters; we welcome Peter Follansbee who takes over as our Arts & Mysteries columnist and extolls the virtues of proper lighting in the shop; and in End Grain, Gus Goodwin shares his thoughts of his friend and the tools left behind in “Inheritance.”

Plus Tricks of the Trade, reader letters and more.

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Bosch VAC140A Dust Extractor

by Chuck Bender page 18 There are lots of vacuums and dust extractors on the market, but what sets the Bosch VAC140A apart are the well-thought-out details. From the easily accessed drain hose to the hook for hanging the power cord, Bosch has taken into account how people actually use an...

Sketch a Volute Freehand

Use this classic, graceful curved form to punctuate your work. by George Walker pages 20 -22 Our craft is never far from the forest. Aside from harvesting timber, food and fuel from the woodlands, we harvest ideas and inspiration. The leaf duff covering the forest soil gives way to the green...

Lighting Matters

Raking light through windows is the clear winner in a hand-tool shop. by Peter Follansbee page 60 In 2007, I was a speaker at Colonial Williamsburg’s Furniture Forum, and there I met Adam Cherubini. He was in costume in the parking lot, talking period furniture and tools to anyone who’d listen....


A sharp reminder and remembrance of a life cut short. by Gus Goodwin page 64 A chisel roll is an unlikely time capsule. Untouched in the three years since his death, the green canvas Ian salvaged from a discarded patio umbrella has protected his tools admirably. They are exactly as he...