October 2012 #199 - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Bow-front Entry Table

This contemporary design is an easy, affordable introduction to curved work and veneer. By Matthew Teague Pages 26-33 Learning to work with veneers and curves enables you to [...]

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Acanthus Leaf

Learn how to carve this classic detail – follow a few rules, and it’s simple. By Mary May Pages 34-39 The beauty and elegance of the acanthus leaf has inspired artists, architects [...]

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The Roorkhee Chair

Ten sticks of wood and basic skills are all you need to make this ultra-comfortable (and portable) seat. By Christopher Schwarz Pages 44-49 Furniture historians tend to paint the [...]

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Learn how to choose and use these versatile shaping tools. By James Mursell Pages 50-53 As a Windsor chairmaker and spokeshave maker, I use a spokeshave more than any other tool. [...]

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