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Different Kinds of Roorkhee Chairs

Since building my first run of Roorkhee chairs for the October 2012 issue of Popular Woodworking, I’ve been able to explore many of the variants of this nifty design, from the original version [...]

Festool Domino XL DF 700

By Matthew Teague Page 16 Festool recently released the Domino XL DF 700, big brother to its revolutionary Domino DF 500, one of the most innovative tools of the last few decades. Aside from the [...]

Veritas’s New Top-secret Steel

Canadian company creates a steel combining the best of the old and new. By Christoper Schwarz Page 14 I’ve long been suspicious of the so-called “super steels” that promise long edge life between [...]

Bow-front Entry Table

This contemporary design is an easy, affordable introduction to curved work and veneer. By Matthew Teague Pages 26-33 Learning to work with veneers and curves enables you to [...]

Acanthus Leaf

Learn how to carve this classic detail – follow a few rules, and it’s simple. By Mary May Pages 34-39 The beauty and elegance of the acanthus leaf has inspired artists, architects [...]

I Can Do That: Shaker Carry Box

Notched and nailed joints add visual interest to this simple project. By Megan Fitzpatrick Pages 50-52 This form is typically called a Shaker silverware tray – but it comes in handy for ferrying [...]

M-Power CRB7 Combination Router Base

By Steve Shanesy Page 16 M-Power Tools offers an aftermarket router base that offers a number of features at the very reasonable price of about $90. It can be mounted to any router that has [...]


A perfect union between an improved router fixture and a Moxon-style vise. By Kenneth Speed Pages 40-43 This fixture, which I’ve christened “Gizmozilla,” grew out of my general [...]

The Roorkhee Chair

Ten sticks of wood and basic skills are all you need to make this ultra-comfortable (and portable) seat. By Christopher Schwarz Pages 44-49 Furniture historians tend to paint the [...]


Learn how to choose and use these versatile shaping tools. By James Mursell Pages 50-53 As a Windsor chairmaker and spokeshave maker, I use a spokeshave more than any other tool. [...]

Drawers Date Furniture

Quick inspections reveal much about a piece’s age and possible origin. By Bob Flexner Pages 54-56 A while back, my wife and I were visiting friends who wanted to show us their [...]

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