October 2004

Popular Woodworking October 2004Our staff gives you the insight for setting up the best workshop for $1,500 in the October 2004 issue of Popular Woodworking. We give you the list of the tools that let you set up shop without maxing out your credit card or sacrificing accuracy.

Drawers are an essential component in many furniture projects. We offer four great tips to creating drawers in a simple, strong and fast way.

One afternoon – start to finish – is all it takes to create a tornado table. This 20th Century design may be the easiest (and coolest) table you’ll ever build.

Hand planes are the thoroughbreds of the shop. And this simple and effective hand plane cabinet is the barn.

A side-clamp honing guide is an essential jig that produces square, sharp edges every time.

Turn your framing square into a precision cabinetmaking tool.

Utilize vacuum pressure from a kitchen appliance to get glue into tight places.

Create age-old Mortise & Tenon joints using a router.

Learn the tricks for spindle-turning bottle stoppers.

Bob Flexner shows why it is not necessary to finish both sides of your tabletop to reduce warping.

Editor Steve Shanessy builds a steel-stringed guitar. Join him on his journey.

Learn to create your first cabriole legs using a template, band saw and a little lathe work.

Every project seems to require a block plane. Choose the right tool and learn to set it up properly.

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Endurance Test: Side-clamp Honing Guide

Ignore the naysayers. This jig produces square, sharp edges every single time. By Christopher Schwarz Page: 28 From the October 2004 issue #143 Buy this issue now Many of my fellow hand-tool users give me a rash of grief about my simple side-clamp honing guide, which has been a fixture on...

Four Good Ways to Build Drawers

Our staff offers simple, strong and fast ways to make this important furniture component. By Christopher Schwarz & David Thiel Pages: 90-95 From the October 2004 issue #143 Buy this issue now In woodworking magazines, books and plans there’s almost always an omission that’s big enough to drive a truck through:...