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Bosch Reaxx Jobsite Saw

 In November 2016 #228, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

01pwm1116tooltestNew safety mechanism leaves your sawblades and hands unscathed.

by Peter Marcucci
pg. 14

As a retired safety professional turned woodworker, I want a saw with flesh-sensing technology, but I don’t have room for a cabinet saw. In 2015 SawStop introduced its jobsite saw. Shortly after, Bosch introduced the REAXX jobsite saw.

I bought my REAXX saw in July. It took a few hours to get the saw ready and assemble the mobile base. The factory settings and alignments were right on. No adjustments were required.
The saw includes both high- and low-tech safety features. For example, locating the push stick in a convenient front holster encourages you to use it.

The throat plate, adjustable-height riving knife, guard and anti-kickback pawls are removed, installed or positioned without tools. The guard and pawls store under the table. (It takes only a minute to put them back on, improving the likelihood that they will remain in use.) The split guard provides a clear view of the blade, and work passes underneath without binding.

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Website: Bosch or 877-267-2499
Video: See the REAXX in use – and yes, we set off the safety mechanism (on purpose).

From the November 2016 issue, #228

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