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Knockdown English Workbench

With $100 in lumber and two days, you can build this sturdy stowaway bench. by Christopher Schwarz page 22 Many knockdown workbenches suffer from unfortunate compromises. Inexpensive commercial [...]

Woodworking Excellence

Find inspiration from our 2015 award winners. by Megan Fitzpatrick page 30 Looking through the many entries in our third annual PWM Excellence Awards highlighted the fact that good work comes in [...]

Sharpening Pond

With this inviting and accessible setup, there’s no excuse for dull blades. by William Ng page 36 The ability to keep tools sharp is a most important woodworking skill – that’s why I have a [...]

Roast Your Own

Cooking wood in your kitchen can produce results that rival specialty kilns. by Mitch Roberson p. 40 Luthiers have long used roasted or tempered wood in stringed instruments because the roasting [...]

Sunburst Wall Clock

This modern take on a mid-century classic is a study in precision geometry. by Andy Brownell page 42 The sunburst-style wall clock came in a variety of shapes and sizes during its heyday of the [...]

Design Matters: The Star Chamfer

This simple transition of surfaces helps place emphasis where you want it.  by George R. Walker page 18 Just a week into my machinist apprenticeship I felt, for the first time, the wrath of Big [...]

I Can Do That: Folding Stool

With two pieces of pine and simple tools, make this easy-to-store seat. by Chad Stanton page 50 This simple project made from two pieces of dimensional pine can help solve seating shortages at [...]

Tool Test: BT&C Hardware Store Saw

More than just a saw, this tool offers (useful) infomercial-like functions. by Christopher Schwarz page 14 I’m not a fan of multi-tools. In my experience they are marketing gimmicks that do [...]

9 Useful Finishing Tips

by Bob Flexner page 54 Here are some finishing tips I hope you find of value. They are arranged in roughly the order of the typical finishing steps. Sand Oil Finishes Wet It’s not at all [...]

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