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End Grain: Losing the Love of My Life

 In November 2014 #214

JoeMcMahonPawnShop1With great pain comes great amounts of casserole.

by Joe McMahon
page 64

The Bride wanted to start with one, but I wanted a dozen. Then one warm summer day, the Warden whispered in my ear those magical words: “Which would it be?” I spent the next eternity, silently ticking the days off, scraping and saving every penny, for I knew that the expenses would be great. And then the great day arrived. It was love at first sight. It was a love that would last a lifetime. I bought my first handplane. It took months of saving and of course, the OK from the Warden.

Those were the good days. Along the way a few kids arrived. We raised them, sent them off to school and such. But the tools, ah, the tools. They grew and grew in number and quality. I was the envy of all my friends, until doom week.

It started like any other week. Then without a warning, “POOF” my computer gave me the blue screen of death.

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From the November 2014 issue, #214


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