Customizable Bevel-down Planes from Veritas

03pwm1114tooltestby Megan Fitzpatrick
page 16

We don’t typically include tools in this column that we’ve not actually tested, but we’re making an exception for these five new bevel-down planes from Veritas (Nos. 4, 41⁄2, 5, 51⁄2 and 7 in the Stanley numbering system).

I got a preview of these at Lee Valley Tools in Ottawa in August; they were publicly released Sept. 13 (just days before this issue was printed). So far, I’ve only taken apart and partially reassembled one of the planes; we’ll have a full review when we get them in.

So why are we breaking our own rule? Quite simply, if these planes perform well, they could have a significant impact on the handplane market.

Read the full preview here

Web site: Lee Valley

From the November 2014 issue, #214