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Contemporary Cabinet

The inspiration for this simple build hangs on a live-edge piece of walnut. by Megan Fitzpatrick pages 26-31 A contemporary look and no dovetails: Those were my self-imposed rules for this [...]

‘Bookend’ Inlay

Make four variations of Federal inlay with heat and a few simple tools. by Frank Vucolo Pages 32-35 While one revolution was winding down, another was gaining force. The Federal period, from [...]

Clever Windsor Joints

Apply the strength of dovetails to round pieces by Michael Dunbar pages 36-39 Windsor chairs are comfortable, handsome and strong. That is why for 250 years they have been America’s favorite [...]

Splay-leg Table with a Twist

Tweaking a classic table design adds a contemporary feel and challenges traditional building techniques. by Tom Calisto pages 40-45 My aim was to make something fairly simple and classic with [...]

Must-Have Router Bits

Here are four profiles that will change your woodworking life. by Chuck Bender page 46-48 Every woodworking shop has a few vital tools that are absolute necessities. And whether you have a strict [...]

Woodworking Excellence

Get inspired by our 2014 winners. by Megan Fitzpatrick page 49 For our second annual PWM Excellence Awards, we solicited submissions in five categories: Boxes and Smalls; Seating; Tables; [...]

Design Matters: Fair Curves

Dave Fisher designs bowls by touch as well as sight. by George R. Walker page 18 The words “fair curve” get tossed around by designers, chairmakers and especially by boatbuilders. It’s almost [...]

Arts & Mysteries: Pre-anarchist’s Tool Chest

‘Thixtell?’ ‘Wymble?‘ Legal records reveal some curious period tools. by Peter Follansbee page 22 Centuries before we all read Christopher Schwarz’s “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest” (Lost Art Press), [...]

Customizable Bevel-down Planes from Veritas

by Megan Fitzpatrick page 16 We don’t typically include tools in this column that we’ve not actually tested, but we’re making an exception for these five new bevel-down planes from Veritas (Nos. [...]

Angle-Ease Router Base from Woodhaven

By Chuck Bender page 16 A router table that tilts opens up vast new worlds when it comes to making mouldings. The one feature that I love about the Angle-Ease (from Woodhaven) is its ability to [...]

End Grain: Losing the Love of My Life

With great pain comes great amounts of casserole. by Joe McMahon page 64 The Bride wanted to start with one, but I wanted a dozen. Then one warm summer day, the Warden whispered in my ear those [...]

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