November 2011 # 193

Popular Woodworking November 2011 issueOur cover story for the November 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking is a stunning southern lady’s desk, built by Glen D. Huey, contributing editor. This piece is among the 27 projects in our upcoming book, Furniture in the Southern Style, by Glen and Robert W. Lang, executive editor.

In another story from Glen (he’s been busy for this issue!), we have an interview with Tommy MacDonald, host of PBS’s latest woodworking show, Rough Cut: Woodworking with Tommy Mac. Glen goes behind the scenes with Tommy and gains some insight into the host and the show.

Amaze your friends with quadrilateral and rising dovetails after you read The ‘Impossitails’ Zone by Roy Underhill. Roy shows you how to lay out and cut these intriguing joints.

Jeff Miller shows you how to make nine clever and useful tools out of scrap plane parts in New Uses for Old Handplanes.

Willard Anderson’s Make a Shapely Bowsaw shows you how to build a bowsaw with proper, tapered handle holes that make it period-correct. And in addition to working well, this tool is a thing of beauty!

Bob Flexner discusses how to make your own wiping varnish, and shares four different (and foolproof) methods of applying this versatile finish.

Megan Fitzpatrick, managing editor, builds a simple one-day tool tote for this issue’s I Can Do That project.

In this month’s Tool Test, we take a look at Bosch’s new Random-orbit Sander, the Benchcrafted Double-screw ‘Moxon’ Vise and a Senco 18-gauge Cordless Brad Nailer.

In Arts & Mysteries, Adam Cherubini finishes his two part-series on how to keep your edges sharp (the first part appeared in the October 2011 issue).

Elia Bizzarri shares in End Grain how persistence (and a crazy mother ) can help in landing an apprenticeship.

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Glossary: November 2011

By Megan Fitzpatrick Page:62 From the November 2011 issue #193 Buy this issue now Woodworking’s lexicon can be overwhelming for beginners. The following is a list of terms used in this issue that may be unfamiliar to you. bowsaw (n) Sometimes called a turning saw, this ancient form is a member of the frame saw family, wherein...

End Grain: The Apprentice

Persistence (and a crazy mother) can help. By Elia Bizzarri Page: 64 From the November 2011 issue #193 Buy this issue now I slept on a cot in the loft of the shop, cooked on a portable burner, and walked my dirty dishes through the garden to the basement sink. Curtis Buchanan walked in at...

Wiping Varnish

An excellent finish for first timers (and beyond). By Bob Flexner Pages: 50-55 From the November 2011 issue #193 Buy this issue now Wiping varnish is the finish I recommend you use if you are finishing for the first time. Wiping varnish is a term I coined in 1990 to categorize a large number of...

New Life for a Vintage Table Saw

Editor Steve Shanesy refurbishes a 1940s Delta Unisaw in our series of free videos. The following are a list of the videos of the 1944 Delta Unisaw Restoration. 1 – Delta Unisaw Restoration 2 – Delta Unisaw Restoration – part 2 3 – Delta Unisaw Rebuild – part 3 4 –...