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The Forgotten Miter Box

 In November 2010 #186, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Once common, the miter box has been relegated to garage sales. Here’s why you should find one for your workshop.
By Ron Herman
Pages: 36-39

From the November 2010 issue # 186
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I build houses for a living, and I have a full array of power equipment at my disposal. Yet, when I trim out a house or construct built-ins, I almost always turn to one of my manual miter boxes.

These nearly forgotten tools are more accurate than power saws. They can handle stock and mouldings that many power saws struggle with. And they are cheap, rugged and are hiding under every rock (if you know where to look).

In fact, miter boxes have always been a staple of my family’s construction business, and I think they should be in your workshop as well. So here’s an introduction to one of my favorite tools.

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From the November 2010 issue # 186
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