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Aging Your Projects Gracefully

 In November 2010 #186, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Part 1: Adding wear and tear to a piece is like writing a convincing tale of fiction.
By Michael Dunbar
Pages: 50-53

From the November 2010 issue # 186
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It’s your day off. So, you go into your shop to make a new piece of furniture. How do you want it to look when you’re done? Well, it’s a new piece. So, that’s how it should look – new. You gently sand out every blemish from the raw wood. You carefully apply the fi nish. You rub it down until it is so perfect it gleams. There it is. Not a flaw.

A growing number of woodworkers have a different impulse. When they complete a piece of furniture, they want it to look like it has been kicked around for a couple hundred years. They want their furniture to look worn and used. How did this trend get started? Follow the money. These furniture makers discovered that well-heeled customers are willing to pay for this look.

Article: Read Michael Dunbar’s blog.
Web site: Visit the web site of The Windsor Institute.
To buy: “American Windsor Furniture: Specialized Forms,” by Nancy Goyne Evans.
In our store: Our new “Flexner on Finishing” book will help you try different finishes to age your pieces.

From the November 2010 issue # 186
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