November 2004

Popular Woodworking November 2004We all make mistakes. But too often, we make the same mistake over and over again because we don’t even know we have a problem. In this November 2004 issue of Popular Woodworking, we point out 33 big mistakes that plague your projects – and show you how to avoid them.

A ruler (yup, a ruler) slashes your sharpening time.

A secret weapon to fix your damaged finishes.

A classic Shaker tripod table that uses a simpler joint for sturdy legs.

Join Christopher Schwarz on his journey as he builds a Welsh stick chair.

Learn why you need a rasp.

Build a $10 table saw tenon jig.

Lonnie Bird offers tips for better glue joints.

Tune-up your auger bits.

Woodworking Essentials continues with everything you need to know about buying, using and maintaining your saw blades.

Learn the basic moves to sharpen your set of lathe tools.

Test your layout tools.

We put the Veritas Low-Angle Jack Plane, a new miter gauge from Kreg and an ingenious splitter through our tool test.

Plus, Tricks of the Trade, Q&A and much more.

Check out previews of each article below. Online extras can be found here.

Queen Anne Side Table

Part 2: Building the base. My detailed finishing techniques will allow you to complete this beautiful period piece. By Glen D. Huey Pages: 61-67 From the November 2004 issue #144 Buy this issue now In the October 2004 issue I showed you the steps to create the cabriole legs for this...

Woodworking Essentials: Using the Saw Blade

By Nick Engler Pages: 49-56 From the November 2004 issue #144 Buy this issue now Your table saw is the central piece of machinery in your shop, and the blade (or more appropriately – blades) is a critical aspect of the ease and accuracy of your work. A top-quality blade mounted...

Building a Welsh Stick Chair

David Fleming, a former English teacher turned chairmaker, teaches the craft of building chairs on the edge of the Canadian wilderness. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 42-48 From the November 2004 issue #144 Buy this issue now After eight hours of a complete physical and mental workout, the seat of my Welsh...

Better Glue Joints

Your joints will last for decades if you know how to apply your glue. By Lonnie Bird Pages: 38-41 From the November 2004 issue #144 Buy this issue now Much of woodworking is joinery: An edge-to-edge joint is used to join two or more boards to create a tabletop, dovetails are...

From the Bench: Testing Your Layout Tools

Is your square really square? Is your straightedge straight? Tools that have been trued make woodworking easier. By Don McConnell Pages: 32-36 From the November 2004 issue #144 Buy this issue now A couple of years ago, while demonstrating edge jointing using hand planes, the shot edge appeared to be slightly...

Tool Test: Splitter will Save Your Bacon

By Christopher Schwarz Page: 31 From the November 2004 issue #144 Buy this issue now If you don’t have a splitter on your table saw, put down the magazine when you finish reading this review and order a Micro Jig Splitter. For about $20 and 30 minutes of your time you...

Tool Test: Penn State Dust Collector Muffler

By David Thiel Page: 31 From the November 2004 issue #144 Buy this issue now Every woodworker is aware of how important dust collection is for the safety of your lungs. But every one of us has spent time talking over the noise from a dust collector as well. How about...

Tool Test: Kreg Precision Miter Gauge

By Robert W. Lang Page: 30 From the November 2004 issue #144 Buy this issue now The Kreg miter gauge system is well designed and nicely made, but a few elements in its construction keep me from being enthusiastic about it. It was extremely accurate out of the box – I...