Campaign Hardware Question (& Answer)

The question below on campaign hardware came over the transom for Christoper Schwarz. If you’re looking for more info on the subject, click here for the search results on Chris’ blog [...]

Campaign Chair Finish Questions

I am building my first campaign chair with hard maple. Can you recommend a finish to make a darker look to the light color of the maple? Also, Christopher recommended ‘black wax’ in [...]

You Never Write, You Never Call…

The June issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine should now be in subscriber hands, and it was on newsstands as of Monday. So…we’d love to hear what you think (good and bad), answer any [...]

Shop-made Vortex Dust Collector Woks On

From the August 2011 issue #191 Buy this issue now In April 2011, I blogged about a new dust collector from JET (read it here). I also wrote about the new collector design in the August 2011 [...]

An Unprofitable Morning

After last weekend’s orgy of tools, woodworking and back-breaking workbench moving at Woodworking in America, I decided to take a break today and buy some tools and old woodworking books , [...]

Error in Cutting Lists

Gordon Humphrey writes: As (you are) past-editor of Woodworking Magazine (which I am more than a little sorry to see disappear), and still editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine and designer of [...]

Should You Make a Cheap Bench First?

Question: I was planning to make a. . .good, fast, cheap workbench, as I think Bob Key called his design some years ago: fir or pine legs and top, Record face vise, and. . .well, some sort of …

Tall Case Clock Design

I’ve been researching tall case clocks with an eye on building one for my home. but I’m troubled by the general lack of good proportioning in most if not all the design , the clocks [...]

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