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Breakdown Sawhorses

 In June 2018 #239, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Practice your hand-tool skills and make a pair of strong, collapsible workshop companions.

By Will Myers
Pages 38-43

About a year and a half ago my wife took a job in eastern North Carolina. My work is still on the western end of the state, so most weeks I travel back and forth from one end of The Old North State to the other. To help deal with the 412” hour trips up and down I-40, I spend my time thinking about something constructive. It was on one of these trips that I first started thinking about these sawhorses.

There are many designs out there for different styles of knockdown or fold-up sawhorses; a lot of them are very good and would serve the purpose perfectly. The biggest problems with most designs I have seen, is that their construction tends to get complicated and heavy. It is just a lowly sawhorse; should it really take a month to make two of them?

This design is the culmination of things my previous sawhorses lacked. I wanted a sawhorse that was relatively lightweight (could be moved one handed), could be broken down or assembled simply and quickly, to lie flat for storage or transport, no tools needed other than a hammer or mallet and most of all, strong with no wiggle.

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  • plender

    What does the author mean when he says for the wedges to ‘align it with a tick mark and the arias at the opposite end’? Arias?? Thank you-Dean

    • kregg

      Looks like an opera singer enjoys woodwork … Figaro!
      Kidding aside, my guess is that it’s a typo and should be “area”.

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