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Tool Test: Buck Bros. Professional Wood Chisels

 In June 2017 #232, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

buck bros chiselsby Megan Fitzpatrick
page 20

If you’re frugal when it comes to tool purchases, check out the U.S.-made Buck Bros. “Professional Wood Chisels,” available at Home Depot. A set of three (1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″) is less than $20. (I bought several sets from three locations for comparison purposes.)

While nowhere near the fit and finish of a high-end chisel, these are awfully good for the price – and with a little work can be set up to perform at a high level. Eight of the nine I bought had flat backs, but with significant linish marks. It took about 30 minutes on stones to get the backs polished to an acceptable scratch pattern, and I had to grind the cutting edge straight on a couple of them. But none of that is difficult. (The ninth chisel had a small concavity on the back – still usable.)

No, I’m not a fan of the feel of the “high-impact acetate” handles, but these are well-balanced and of a comfortable size.

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From the June 2017 issue, #232

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