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End Grain – ‘Individualists Unite!’

 In June 2017 #232, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

After a woodworking course, this student has tools, a chest – and friends.

by Daniel Clausen
pg. 64

Last spring I took my first woodworking course, an “Introduction to Hand Tool Woodworking.” The class promised to teach students to fix up some tools and build a tool chest – but I learned more than that.

Mike Siemsen, of “The Naked Woodworker” infamy, taught the course, and for a week in June I was one of a dozen students camped out on his rural Minnesota lawn. We’d brought mismatched kits of tools: new, old, cheap, high-end. We were a mismatched bunch – an East Coast journalist and her surfing New York-lawyer husband, an Air Force officer, a Mandan Indian roughneck and his survivalist son, a food co-op clerk, a grad student, a recently quit-his-job photography professor and a pair of architects – but we all wanted to make things out of wood. And we didn’t know how to start.

So we did – we started.

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The Naked Woodworker,” by Mike Siemsen.
Building Period Furniture from Photographs,” by Mike Siemsen.
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From the June 2017 issue, #232

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