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3M Convolute Deburring Wheel

 In June 2017 #232, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

deburring wheelby Megan Fitzpatrick
page 20

Someone saw this deburring wheel on Instagram and clued me in to it; sold. It’s really a metal-working tool for knocking off sharp edges and small bits of metal. But if, like me, you have rusty old tools sitting around your shop (say inherited chisels that haven’t been used for probably 40 years), it’s a godsend for the first steps in getting them back in working order.

This 3M convolute (which means rolled up in a spiral in case like me you didn’t know) 6″ wheel has a maximum 6,000 rpm rating, and is comprised of dense layers of nonwoven nylon impregnated with silicon carbide abrasive with a density rating of nine. The wheel resists loading, and breaks down fairly quickly (faster than aluminum oxide) to expose fresh abrasive. It’s intended for light to medium edge deburring on carbon steels, stainless steel and soft metals (as well as plastics, glass and composites, though I doubt I’ll ever use it for that) – but it does an excellent and fast job of removing rust, leaving a nice shiny surface behind, albeit with a noticeable scratch pattern.

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Website: 3M.com
Blogs: Remove Rust with: citric acid; Barkeeper’s Friend; Sand-Flex hand blocks; Boeshield Rust Free; electrolysis; The Works; Evaporust

From the June 2017 issue, #232

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