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Sideboard Fit for Tea

Design without compromise: An exercise in high-end handwork By Geremy Coy pages 24-31 Sometimes a cup of tea is more than a cup of tea. Its surface may be still, its color translucent and its [...]

Wired for Beauty

A rotary tool, hammer and a few shop-made tools are all it takes. by Don Williams pages 32-36 I recently had the opportunity to explore a concept that has been rattling around the dark recesses [...]

Compound Angles; No Math

Once you understand ‘resultant’ angles, sawbenches (and chairs) are easy. by Christopher Schwarz pages 37-41 Most first-time chairmakers are intimidated by the compound joinery used to fasten all [...]

Floating Table

This handsome piece is simple to build and easily adapted to fit your stock. by Brian A. Hubel pages 42-48 A friend asked me to design and build a table using a special piece of walnut. I was [...]

Gravity by Design

Small changes to details make a big difference. by Darrell Peart pages 49-54 Several years ago, I took a different approach to design – one that relies less upon ratios and mathematical formulas [...]

Arts & Mysteries: Plain Matted Chairs

This humble form has a long legacy and modern descendants. by Peter Follansbee pages 58-61 In a recent column, I made reference to my initial foray into woodworking as a chairmaker. [...]

Design Matters: Secrets of the Cyma Curve

We might admire a graceful curve in nature without understanding what lends it a sense of spring and vitality. Small details can often make the difference between a curve that sings and one that [...]

Earlex Steam Generator for Steam-bending

Steam-bending has always required a certain amount of jury-rigging to make the steam: adapting a propane burner, retrofitting a kettle or tweaking a wallpaper steamer. Now Earlex has made [...]

Arbortech Contour Random Sander

I I’ve been building a stacked-lamination piece with plenty of concave and convex curves that require a good deal of sanding. Arbortech’s new Contour Random Sander has helped. Out of the bag, the [...]

Grizzly Track Saw ‘Master Pack’

I’ve long been a fan of the track saw. For me, there’s no faster, safer or more reliable way to break down sheet goods into sizes I can handle. While I can wrestle a 4′ x 8′ sheet of [...]

The Solution to Finish Problems?

All sorts of damage can occur to a finish. I’ve written about the most common problems and how to fix them many times. Four of the articles I wrote for Popular Woodworking are included in my [...]


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