June 2014 #211 - Page 2 of 2 - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Nova Comet II Midi Lathe

The reversible motor turns this benchtop tool into a sterling machine. by Chuck Bender page 16 Teknatool’s new Nova Comet II wood lathe is feature-packed at a price that’s hard to [...]

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The Rule of Three

Grind, hone, polish: the basics of all sharpening.

by Megan Fitzpatrick pages 20-21

Among the fundamental skills necessary for good woodworking, I’d put knowing how to [...]

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Application Problems

Solutions to a baker’s dozen of common finishing difficulties.

by Bob Flexner pages 58-60

It’s easy enough to provide instructions for applying finishes. But in the real [...]

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Harness Leather on the Headstock

Childhood memories from 40 years in the past are rediscovered with a gift. by David Wiggins page 64 The old man winked and reached under his workbench to retrieve a rusty paint [...]

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