June 2014 #211

Popular Woodworking Magazine June 14 Cover Christopher Schwarz’s clever and simple technique for eye-catching “riveted” joinery is the cover article for the June 2014 issue. While Chris used the approach on a campaign furniture piece, a little touch of brass will add shine to any project – and it’s simple to achieve.

In “Contemporary Cabriole Legs,” you’ll discover Jeff Miller’s take on a classic form, updated for modern use – plus a slick trick with a router to quickly flush the top of legs with a table’s apron. In “Get a Handle on Mortise Chisels,” Willard Anderson and Peter Ross share their crazy (but cool) technique for rehandling oval bolstered mortise chisels (hint: it involves fire).

Glen Huey shares his techniques for making box joints at the table saw in his “Hardware Hideaway” build – a piece inspired by a pricey find in an antique mall. It’s a great-looking piece for storing your shop bits and bobs – but it would be equally at home in the kitchen of office – or anywhere else you have small items to sort and store. Inspired by both Wharton Esherick and nature, Chuck Bender walks you through the design and planning process, and then the build, of a graceful stool. And Peter Follansbee teaches you to carve spoons – all it takes is a few tools and “found” wood.

In this month’s Tool Test, we review the Nova Comet II Midi Lathe, Blue Spruce Toolworks Joiner’s Mallets and Grobet Cabinetmaker’s Rasps. In Woodworking Essentials, Megan Fitzpatrick boils sharpening systems into the three things you need to know, Bob Flexner shares fixes for a baker’s dozen of finishing problems in Flexner on Finishing. And in End Grain, David Wiggins shares his essay on woodworking coming full circle.

Plus Tricks of the Trade, reader letters and more.

Nova Comet II Midi Lathe

The reversible motor turns this benchtop tool into a sterling machine. by Chuck Bender page 16 Teknatool’s new Nova Comet II wood lathe is feature-packed at a price that’s hard to beat. Not only does it have variable speed, it has a reversible motor – not usually found on lathes of this size –...

The Rule of Three

Grind, hone, polish: the basics of all sharpening.

by Megan Fitzpatrick pages 20-21

Among the fundamental skills necessary for good woodworking, I’d put knowing how to sharpen your edge tools at the top of the list. Even if you consider yourself a power-tool woodworker, I’ll bet you have at least a chisel (or two)...

Application Problems

Solutions to a baker’s dozen of common finishing difficulties.

by Bob Flexner pages 58-60

It’s easy enough to provide instructions for applying finishes. But in the real world, things go wrong; problems occur that you have to deal with. With the combined goals of defining the problems, providing ways to avoid them, then fixing them...

Harness Leather on the Headstock

Childhood memories from 40 years in the past are rediscovered with a gift. by David Wiggins page 64 The old man winked and reached under his workbench to retrieve a rusty paint can. He whispered, “Your grandma back in the house?” I nodded yes. From the can he extracted a well abused pint of...