June 2013 #204

Popular Woodworking Magazine June 13 Cover

In “Hannah’s Inlaid Chest,” the cover story for the June 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, managing editor Glen D. Huey recreates the 1746 chest of Hannah Pyle, daughter of an accomplished Pennsylvania woodworker, which now resides at the Winterthur museum. Huey uses scratch inlay to create the beautiful line-and-berry patterns inlaid on the piece. Charles Bender visits the historic home of Wharton Esherick, the “Dean of American Craftsman,” at Valley Forge Mountain in Pennsylvania in “Wharton Esherick. Learn to build a tiny, portable and full-featured little workbench that will clamp to almost any solid surface with Christopher Schwarz in “The Milkman’s Workbench.” Bob Rozaieski builds a “Chimney Cupboard” – a classic piece of furniture that offers lots of storage space with a small footprint. The simple hand-tool build produces an impressive finished piece. Add a “Wall-mounted Server” to the dining room of your home using a trick Steve Shanesy teaches you that magically suspends this project against wall. In “Mortises by Router 3 Ways,” Gary Rogowski demonstrates three methods for effectively cutting mortises with a router.

In this month’s tool test, we take a look at the “Makita LXT Cordless Sander,” a “Monster Jointer Plane from Scott Meek Woodworks,” the “Veritas Handsaw File Holder” and the “Easy Chuck from Easy Wood Tools.”

In this month’s Woodworking Essentials, Robert W. Lang teaches you how to choose essential shaping tools in “Hand-stitched Rasps.” In “Modern Chest, Period Methods,” Adam Cherubini asks is period tools are right for post-industrial methods and materials in Arts & Mysteries. In Flexner on Finishing, Bob Flexner shows you “How to Choose a Finish” by simple process of elimination. And finally, Mike Hudson decides “It’s Time” to retire from his career as a chemical plant engineer and build grandfather clocks in End Grain.

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Easy Chuck from Easy Wood Tools

By Steve Shanesy Page 18 Four-jaw scroll chucks used in wood turning largely work the same. They have interchangeable jaws held by screws, and the jaws open or close using a geared key, a hex key or tommy bars. The jaws usually have a dovetail-shaped rim that clamps a similarly shaped tenon turned...

Veritas Handsaw File Holder

By Megan Fitzpatrick Page 18 Some woodworkers – myself included – are leery of filing their own saws. But this new saw file holder from Veritas takes away some of the fear by “tricking” you (through both tactile and visual cues) into holding triangular saw files in the correct orientation for your desired...

Monster Jointer Plane from Scott Meek Woodworks

By Christopher Schwarz Page 16 The longer your jointer plane, the straighter the work that flows beneath it. Because of that maxim of handwork, some Old World planes for making furniture were lengthy – 36" isn’t unusual. Most modern jointers top out at 24" long, so picking up the new 36" jointer from Scott...

Makita LXT Cordless Sander

This full-featured, 5" tool is powered by an 18v lithium-ion battery. By Steve Shanesy Page 16 Makita has liberated the pigtail from a full-sized random-orbit sander with the introduction of the 5" LXT 18-volt lithium-ion cordless sander. Cordless sanders have challenged manufacturers because of the continuous-duty nature of the tool; only Makita and Ryobi have...

It’s Time

A lifelong dream of woodworking is ready to come to fruition. By Mike Hudson Page 64 I stared up at the silent giant, standing twice as tall as me – polished wood, crystal-clear glass, full of brass gears and weights that seemed like gold to my young eyes. I was waiting for the top...