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Easy Chuck from Easy Wood Tools

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04pwm1306tooltestBy Steve Shanesy
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Four-jaw scroll chucks used in wood turning largely work the same. They have interchangeable jaws held by screws, and the jaws open or close using a geared key, a hex key or tommy bars. The jaws usually have a dovetail-shaped rim that clamps a similarly shaped tenon turned on the base of the workpiece.

The Easy Chuck is an altogether new chuck now available from Easy Wood Tools. It is simple to operate – and exhibits the same game-changing innovation as the turning tools the company introduced a few years ago.

Two significant innovations are built into the Easy Chuck. First, jaw change-out is reduced to a simple push of a jaw key on a spring-loaded jaw-holding device – one quick push and the jaw  slides effortlessly off the chuck. (On most jaws, it’s necessary to remove two holding screws for each of the four jaws, or eight screws per chuck.) So with the Easy Chuck, there’s a significant time savings, there are no screw heads to bugger up and no screws to lose in ankle-deep piles of shavings.

The second innovation is the Easy Chuck’s Zoom Ring, another timesaver and convenience feature. This ring is located at the base of the chuck’s body, and quickly moves the jaws to the extremities of their travel with just a few quick twists. When the jaws are set to a desired opening, a conventional hex key is used to securely tighten the work in the jaws.

The chuck is made with 1″ x #8 threads per inch (tpi) for mounting on the lathe spindle. An adapter for 11⁄4″ x #8 tpi is available. The 4″ Easy Chuck comes with dovetail jaws able to grip up to 13⁄8″ tenons, or to expand to fill 21⁄8″ recesses. Other jaw sizes and types are also available.

Video: Watch a short demo of the Easy Chuck online.

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