June 2013 #204 - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Hannah’s Inlaid Chest

Router and hand tools combine for line and berry inlay on this 18th-century piece. By Glen D. Huey Pages 20-25 In 1746, at the age of four, Hannah Pyle stored her prized [...]

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Wharton Esherick

Discover the ‘Dean of American Craftsmen.’ By Charles Bender Pages 26-30 After a long, slow, winding drive up Valley Forge Mountain in Pennsylvania, the treeline parts. Through [...]

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The Milkman’s Workbench

This full-featured benchtop allows you to do serious woodworking – and it clamps to any solid surface. By Christopher Schwarz Pages 31-35 One of the best things about working with [...]

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Chimney Cupboard

This classic furniture piece offers lots of storage in a small footprint – and it’s a simple hand-tool build. By Bob Rozaieski Pages 36-41 I need some additional storage space in [...]

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Wall-mounted Server

A neat trick magically suspends this dining room project. By Steve Shanesy Pages 42-45 As empty nesters, my wife and I recently said goodbye to the family homestead and downsized [...]

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Mortises by Router 3 Ways

Machined mortises are quick to cut and accurate. By Gary Rogowski Page 46-48 My old friend from college is a physicist who launches rockets into the sky for a living; let me just [...]

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