June 2012 #197

Popular Woodworking June 2012 issueOur cover story for the June 2012 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine is an “Irish Chair” from bodger Don Weber, built from plans dated 1832 (and he teaches you how to steam-bend thick boards). Christopher Schwarz, contributing editor, shares his knowledge of traditional “Rabbets and Plows” – they’re essential tools, and easier to use than you may think. Build “The ‘Wright’ Shaker Counter” with Glen D. Huey, adapted from the work of Grove Wright, a 19th-century Shaker furniture maker. Contributor Ken Burton shows you how to build a beautiful “Oak and Mica Lamp,” a blend of Arts & Crafts and Asian designs. Plus, we have “Drawboring Demystified” excerpted from Jennie Alexander and Peter Follansbee’s new and important book, “Build a Joint Stool from a Tree.”

In this month’s Tool Test, we review “Lee Valley Knife Hinges,” “Infinity Tools Thick-kerf, Flat-top Saw Blades,” and “Lie-Nielsen Closed-throat Router Planes.”

In Arts & Mysteries, Adam Cherubini advises you to “Sweat the Details,” explaining that small touches make a big difference in boarded furniture. With George R. Walker’s Design Matters, “Design by Proportion,” you’ll discover how to get pleasing and functional results from simple ratio adjustments. Flexner on Finishing demonstrates “Finishing in One Day (Or Less).” In this month’s End Grain, Alan Foljambe discusses modern technology in “Nothing is Absolute.” And of course, you’ll find Letters and Tricks of the Trade.”

Below, you’ll find capsule descriptions of every article, with links to the many free Online Extras.

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Arts & Mysteries: Sweat the Details

Small touches make a big difference in 'boarded furniture.' by Adam Cherubini Pages 18-20 This article is part three in a series I’m doing on boarded furniture. If you are new to the series, boarded furniture is a style of case construction prevalent in early America, but largely ignored by we modern woodworkers. It...

Design Matters: Design by Proportion

Simple adjustments in ratios can produce pleasing and functional results. By George R. Walker Pages 60-62 My wife, Barb, set a bag of groceries on the kitchen counter and said, “I saw a great work table – will you build me one?” On the surface it sounded like a simple request, but I’ve been down...

Flexner on Finishing: Finishing in One Day (Or Less)

The key to a quick finish is the finish you choose. By Bob Flexnor Page 64-66 Finishing is seldom the most enjoyable part of woodworking, so many woodworkers want to get it over with in a day – or even an afternoon. Many manufacturers encourage this with their directions, which often produce less than...

End Grain: ‘Nothing is Absolute’

Ease and speed, versus idealization of the past – sometimes. by Alan Foljambe Page 68 From the June 2012 issue, #197 When Lord Acton wrote that “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” he was referring to politics, but he could as easily have been referring to tools. After all, he wrote this now-famous phrase in the spring...