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Tool Test: Lee Valley Knife Hinges

by Matthew Teague Page 16 The first time I installed knife hinges I did so with an inexpensive pair, thinking it would be a good way to learn the process without wasting a lot of money on what is [...]

Irish Chair

Building a throne for the common man. by Don Weber Pages 22-29 I’m sitting here listening to Fiona Richie’s “Thistle & Shamrock” radio show, thinking of an old friend, John [...]

Oak & Mica Lamp

A blend of Arts & Crafts and Asian design influences. by Ken Burton Pages 30-33 My design sense and influences are pretty eclectic. I draw on a wide variety of sources and [...]

Rabbets & Plows

Don’t be intimidated by these essential joinery planes – a few tricks make them easy to use. by Christopher Schwarz Pages 34-39 Many woodworkers think planes that cut joinery are [...]

The ‘Wright’ Shaker Counter

You don’t need symmetry to build a period piece that pleases the eye. by Glen D. Huey Pages 40-47 If you joined the Shaker Hancock Bishopric in the early part of the 19th century, [...]

Perfection by Hand

These jigs help you hand cut flawless mortise-and-tenon joints. By Jeff Miller Pages 48-52 Mortise-and-tenon joints tend to frustrate woodworkers far more than dovetails do. [...]

Drawboring Demystified

This ancient mortise-and-tenon joinery technique needs no glue, no clamps. by Jennie Alexander & Peter Follansbee Pages 53-57 The excerpt that follows is adapted from “Make a [...]

Arts & Mysteries: Sweat the Details

Small touches make a big difference in 'boarded furniture.' by Adam Cherubini Pages 18-20 This article is part three in a series I’m doing on boarded furniture. If you are new to [...]

Design Matters: Design by Proportion

Simple adjustments in ratios can produce pleasing and functional results. By George R. Walker Pages 60-62 My wife, Barb, set a bag of groceries on the kitchen counter and said, “I [...]

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