June 2006 #155

Popular Woodworking June 2006Build an authentic Shaker cabinet with Kerry Pierce in the June 2006 issue of Popular Woodworking. Never-before-published measured drawings for the Pleasant Hill wall cupboard and step-by-step construction details are included.

TVs have changed, and we show you how to design entertainment centers for them.

Our new I Can Do That column debuts with a handsome set of bi-fold shutters.

Lonnie Bird explains how to hold work effectively, and Adam Cherubini looks at an 18th-Century furniture shop.

We test trim routers and find the two that stand out from the crowd.

In our Woodworking Essentials series, we give you the ins and outs of drawer slides and hinges.

Dale Nish shows how to turn a mirror, we visit the shop and school of Kelly Mehler, Bob Flexner explains stains and we show a new method for freehand sharpening.

Detailed article previews are below.

I Can Do That: Minas Tirith Shutters

No joints. Just jigsaw and go. By Christopher Schwarz Pages: 26-27 From the June 2006 issue #155 Buy this issue now After Hobbit Frodo Baggins destroys the One Ring in Peter Jackson’s epic film “The Return of the King,” there’s an emotional reunion scene when Frodo wakes up in the city...

Out on a Limb: A New Column for New Woodworkers

By Christopher Schwarz Page 10 From the June 2006 issue #155 Buy this issue now Most readers assume that we are awash in tools here at Popular Woodworking, but that’s not quite right. In actuality, we are obscenely awash in tools. I just walked though our shop and counted 15 cordless...