June 2005 #148

Popular Woodworking June 2005The June 2005 issue of Popular Woodworking lays out how to build a better bookcase. This one easy plan and four simple mouldings are sure to fit any style.

Have you heard of these six chisel tricks? Probably not.

Build a jig that makes box joints a snap.

We compare Lie-Nielsen and Veritas, and reveal which hand plane is right for you.

Bowl turning for beginners.

Build a beautiful Baltimore game table.

Learn about a practical shop cabinet that doesn’t require you build a single drawer.

Build a simple sawbench and shop stool that will come in handy at every stage of project construction.

Woodworking Essentials continues with Special Techniques on the Table Saw.

We put the Hitachi C12LCH compound miter saw, the AngleMag, Porter-Cable’s 12″ Dovetail Jigs and Glen-Drake’s Tite-Hammer through our Tool Test.

Don’t miss great Tricks of the Trade, Q&A and much more.

Detailed article previews are below. Online extras can be found here.

Woodworking Essentials: Special Techniques

By Nick Engler Pages: 45-52 From the June 2005 issue #148 Buy this issue now Although the table saw was invented to cut large boards into smaller ones, that’s not all it will do. With the proper accessories, you can use it to cut a variety of woodworking joints, and an...

Sawbench & Shop Stool

This simple afternoon project is perfect for handsawing, holding doors for planing, organizing tools and giving you a leg up. It will quickly become indispensable. By John Wilson Pages: 42-44 From the June 2005 issue #148 Buy this issue now My simple plywood two-step in the old tool shed had reached...

Build Better Bookcases

We show you how to make a great bookcase in any style, with one basic box design and one sheet of plywood. By Robert W. Lang Pages: 32-41 From the June 2005 issue #148 Buy this issue now Everyone needs a bookcase, and if you’re a beginning woodworker, it’s a great...

Power-tool Joinery: Box Joints

Cut this stout joint using a simple jig, and your table saw or router. By Bill Hylton Pages: 28-31 From the June 2005 issue #148 Buy this issue now Visit most any antiques store or flea market, and you’re sure to see stacks of old wooden boxes marked with the logos...

Tool Test: AngleMag Sets the Amateur Sawyer Straight

By Christopher Schwarz Page: 25 From the June 2005 issue #148 Buy this issue now Learning to handsaw to a line is a fundamental woodworking skill. And I routinely see many new woodworkers struggle mightily with making straight and square saw cuts. The Australian-made AngleMag is an interesting jig that acts...