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how to bend wood, bending wood

Wood bending techniques you will learn with this free download:

Are you looking for trustworthy, FREE instruction on how to bend wood? Bending wood is not the easiest of all woodworking techniques, but it’s certainly not the hardest either! Have a little fun with it, starting with these five tips:

    1. Don’t get steamed! Steam bending wood is a great technique, but it has its drawbacks. Start out by learning wood bending through bent laminations and other cold methods. Bending wood without steam may turn out to be the best decision you’ve made. If nothing else, bending wood without steam will save you a few “scalding” moments in the shop!
    2. Build a shelf while you’re at it. As Bob Lang points out in his project plan, included with your free download, “a bent part can add an interesting design element.” Obviously, we don’t mean the shelves themselves! Bob shows you how to bend wood for the shelf supports, and the result is beautiful.
    3. Have you cracked open a refreshment yet? This is shop time. Don’t forget to have fun with it!
    4. If the Wright brothers did it, so can you. Cold bending is what got their airplane off the ground. In the free download, you’ll read a little about that history and then learn how to make a flexible jig to bend wood consistently and with even clamping pressure. We don’t recommend bending balsa wood and jumping on board for a flight just yet, but it’s good to know you could!
    5. Now, what if we told you there was an even easier way to bend wood? Check out this video by Christopher Schwarz:

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how to bend wood, bending wood

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